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Synchrony Device

Source Pathfinder #126: Beyond the Veiled Past pg. 66
Aura overwhelming conjuration CL 21st
Slot none; Price —; Weight 16,800 lbs.


The Synchrony Device is a large, spherical mass of intertwining, spinning rings, each covered in complex runes and sigils. Designed by the Spindle Solution prior to Earthfall as a weapon of mass destruction, the device currently rests in a secure research facility known as the Compass.

Activating the Synchrony Device involves manipulating the confusing, and often unlabeled, controls on the control dais beneath the device while attempting a variety of Knowledge and Disable Device checks, all of which have a minimum DC of 35. When doing so, the user sets the device’s target, selecting any location eligible as the target of a greater teleport spell, and the plane to which the device is to be attuned from the following options: Negative Energy Plane, Plane of Air, Plane of Earth, Plane of Fire, Plane of Water, and Positive Energy Plane.

When it detonates, the device creates a 500-mile-radius burst, the effects of which depend on which plane it was attuned to when activated (as detailed below). The effects of the device are instantaneous unless otherwise noted.


The Synchrony Device must be carefully disassembled and each ring destroyed individually before the following ring is removed until reaching the device’s abysium core, which must be contained and disposed of separately. Activating the device also destroys it.

Negative Energy Plane

When attuned to the Negative Energy Plane, the Synchrony Device fills its area of effect with raw negative energy, dealing 20d6 points of negative energy damage to all living creatures each round for 1 day. Any creature killed in this way is raised as a zombie 2d6 minutes after its death. Creatures with 7 or more Hit Dice may instead become other types of undead, at the GM’s discretion.

Plane of Air

A violent, concussive explosion issues from the Synchrony Device when it detonates while attuned to the Plane of Air. This burst deals 20d6 points of bludgeoning damage, deals double damage against objects, and bypasses objects’ hardness. For 1d6 weeks after detonation, the entire area of effect is filled with powerful winds, ranging in intensity from severe to hurricane force, with occasional tornadoes spinning out from this mass, at the GM’s discretion.

Plane of Earth

When the Synchrony Device is attuned to the Plane of Earth, the entire area of effect is instantaneously filled with solid stone upon detonation, except where earth or stone already exists. The sheer weight of this much earth crushes everything beneath or within it, save for creatures with the earth glide special ability or a burrow speed capable of burrowing through solid stone. Even then, all air within the area of effect is replaced with earth, smothering any creature that might survive the ordeal unless it can find a new source of air before it suffocates. If the Synchrony Device is detonated in water, the displaced water may flood land not directly in the area of effect. At the GM’s discretion, this may additionally cause large-scale earthquakes or volcanic activity.

Plane of Fire

Roaring flames fill the area of effect of the Synchrony Device when it is attuned to the Plane of Fire. These flames deal 20d6 points of fire damage each round for 1 day, thoroughly immolating all creatures and structures within the burst. Additionally, any water within the area of effect is instantly vaporized and all oxygen is consumed, causing creatures with fire immunity that still need to breathe to suffocate.

Plane of Water

Attuning the Synchrony Device to the Plane of Water summons a veritable ocean centered on the point of detonation. This water floods the entire area of effect, drowning nonaquatic creatures, and potentially reshaping the landscape. Because water flows, and it is not restricted by the bounds of the device’s target area, this effect may cause landslides, severe flooding, tsunamis, and other disasters far beyond the initial target. Changing sea levels, creating new lakes or inland seas, and rerouting rivers are all possible as effects of the excess water.

Positive Energy Plane

Infusing the Material Plane with the overwhelming essence of the Positive Energy Plane may seem like the least destructive use of the Synchrony Device, but it comes with dire consequences many users may not consider. All undead in the area of effect take 20d6 points of positive energy damage per round for 1 day. All living creatures in the area of effect gain fast healing 5 as a special ability and gain 5 additional temporary hit points each round. These temporary hit points fade 1d20 rounds after a creature leaves the area of effect or the effects of the detonation expire. Each round during which a creature has temporary hit points above its total hit points, it must succeed at a DC 20 Fortitude saving throw or explode in a riot of radiant energy, which kills it.