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Sphere of Bleeding Snowflakes

Source Classic Treasures Revisited pg. 43
Aura strong transmutation CL 20th
Slot none; Price —; Weight


This sphere originates within the Negative Energy Plane as either a naturally occurring phenomenon or a normal sphere of annihilation empowered or even damaged by beings there. The sphere of bleeding snowflakes radiates a cold, dense fog of black energy extending 60 feet into its surrounding area, infusing the region with negative energy, and dealing 4d6 negative energy damage (as a cleric’s channeled energy) and 1 permanent negative level per round to everything within 60 feet. While spells such as death ward may negate the energy’s ill effects, any who die as a result of these effects, or who die by other means within the sphere’s affected radius, cannot be returned to life by anything short of true resurrection, wish, or miracle.


The sphere of bleeding snowflakes can be destroyed by sending it through one of the portals on the Positive Energy Plane leading into the heart of a star.