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Source Tombs of Golarion pg. 31
Aura strong evocation CL 20th
Slot none; Price —; Weight


This massive forge is built into the structure of a temple to Magrim and can’t be moved without divine intervention. Made of precious metals and gemstones, the forge is surprisingly resilient, and even hard metals can be crafted upon its seemingly soft, delicate surfaces.

Any item crafted with this forge can be constructed in half the normal amount of time.

When the forge’s furnace is fed by a specific set of bellows, currently buried beside the remains of Naika Omenspeaker (see area 10), the flames glow with a divine radiance and emit no noticeable heat, allowing for forging at a temperature more comfortable to the crafter. While the Soulforge is so lit, if a character’s successful Craft (armor, jewelry, locks, or weapons) check result using the forge exceeds DC 40, that crafter garners Magrim’s favor and can choose from one of the three following special rewards.

First, the crafter can ask of the god a single miracle, so long as the request does not conflict with Magrim’s lawful neutral alignment. A creature can receive at most one such miracle over the course of her life.

Second, at the GM’s discretion, the crafter can override the destruction conditions of a minor artifact without a lawful aura and destroy it in the Soulforge.

Finally, the crafter can choose for her soul to pass from her body, traveling through the Soulforge to Magrim’s realm in the Boneyard, effectively causing the crafter to die. Magrim immediately ushers the crafter’s soul before Pharasma for judgment and petitions on her behalf before the Lady of Graves, advocating for his most faithful followers to find ultimate rest in the realm best befitting their lives.


If the great anvil of the Soulforge is used as a sacrificial altar to slay a willing lawful outsider of at least 18 Hit Dice while the forge burns with divine flame, the artifact is destroyed.