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Sorshen's Sinuous Guisarme

Source Pathfinder #138: Rise of New Thassilon pg. 71
Aura strong evocation [evil] CL 20th
Slot none; Price —; Weight 10 lbs.


Alignment NE; Ego 37
Senses darkvision 120 ft., hearing
Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 20
Communication read languages, read magic, speech, telepathy (Abyssal, Aklo, Azlanti, Thassilonian)


Sorshen’s Sinuous Guisarme is a +5 keen speed spell-storing mithral guisarme. Although it has a blade at each end, it is not technically a double weapon—when its speed special ability is used to make an extra attack, that extra attack is made with the alternate blade. As a swift action, the guisarme can transform itself into a staff of enchantment. If it uses up all of its charges, it automatically reverts to guisarme form. Created to defeat non-spellcasters, the glaive grants its wielder a +2 luck bonus on attacks, saves, and ability and skill checks. It can cast charm monster once per day, mirror image upon its wielder three times per day, and suggestion three times per day.

With Sorshen’s recent shift in alignment, her Sinuous Guisarme finds itself increasingly in conflict with the runelord. Whether this will eventually result in the guisarme’s alignment adjusting to match its owner or whether the glaive’s fell influence might cause Sorshen to backslide to evil, only time (and GM whim) can tell.


Sorshen’s Sinuous Glaive can be destroyed if it is hurled under the crushing feet of the Oliphaunt of Jandelay, but only if there is no current Runelord of Lust living in the world (note that when Sorshen fully takes on the mantle of ruler of New Thassilon, she abandons her role as Runelord of Lust for the purpose of fulfilling this latter requirement for destruction).