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Song of Extinction (Music Box)

Source Artifacts and Legends pg. 49
Aura strong transmutation CL 20th
Slot none; Price —; Weight 3 lbs.


Winding this music box causes it to play a haunting, 30-secondlong melody. However, a bard can learn this tune as though it were a masterpiece (Ultimate Magic 21). When performed by a bard, the tune becomes the Song of Extinction masterpiece (see below). Once per week, as a standard action, the wielder can command the music box to perform the Song of Extinction masterpiece itself, affecting all within range except the bearer. After being used in this way, the music box cannot be reactivated in any way for 1 week.

Song of Extinction Masterpiece (Sing, String, Wind)

The clarion of the end times, this masterpiece is a meticulous cacophony that ends all life.
Prerequisite: Perform (sing, string, or wind) 15 ranks.
Cost: Feat or 6th-level bard spell known.
Effect: The area within 100 feet of the performer begins quaking and moaning as if the earth itself were in pain. The affected area is treated as per the spell earthquake. In addition, all creatures in the area except for the performer must make DC 25 Reflex saves, as individual earthen maws open beneath each. Those who fail fall into a 100-foot-deep pit that quickly grinds shut, trapping them as if they were in the bury zone of an avalanche and trapped without air (Core Rulebook 429). If any living, sentient creature is killed by the Song of Extinction’s effects, the performer ceases to age for 1 year.
Use: All of the performer’s uses of bardic performance for that day.
Action: 5 full rounds.


Any creature that makes a successful DC 35 Craft (traps) check while manipulating the music box can rig the device to play in reverse once. In this way, a bard can learn the Song of Extinction masterpiece, but backwards. Performing this reverse version of the Song of Extinction causes the music box to implode, but also kills the performer. The performer cannot be brought back to life by any means short of divine intervention.