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Sliver of the Amalgam Mind

Source Artifacts and Legends pg. 7
Aura strong divination CL 20th
Slot none; Price —; Weight


This tiny, clear crystal is part of a great otherworldy device that shattered long ago. Alone, the splinter—hardly longer than a fingernail—has no power. If brought into contact with another splinter, however, both turn the same color. Should these slivers then be inserted into the skin of sentient individuals, those bearing the shards can telepathically communicate with any other creature pierced by a shard of the same color within line of sight. This telepathy allows those participating to hear only what others bearing the slivers wish them to hear, and to broadcast only what they wish. A bearer has complete control over this telepathy and can block it out or only broadcast to specific individuals as she wishes.


Players often converse around the game table and occasionally act on information their characters have no way of knowing. This artifact gives PCs a reason to know those things they so often shouldn’t.