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Scintillating Garment

Source Pathfinder #138: Rise of New Thassilon pg. 70
Aura strong abjuration and conjuration CL 20th
Slot body; Price —; Weight 1 lb.


Sorshen’s Scintillating Garment is the traditional robe of the Runelord of Lust. Woven of the finest of silks and accented with precious stones, the garment is surprisingly light and easy to move in. The Scintillating Garment functions as a robe of scintillating colors, but it has additional powers as well. The wearer casts spells at +1 caster level and gains a +5 deflection bonus to AC, a +5 resistance bonus on saving throws, and spell resistance 30. Four of the garment’s pockets function as handy haversacks. The wearer of this garment is immune to mind-affecting effects unless she chooses otherwise, and the garment grants all of her ability scores a +6 enhancement bonus (the bonus to Intelligence also imparts ranks in Escape Artist, Fly, and Use Magic Device).


The Scintillating Garment is destroyed if it is immersed in the waters of a destroyed runewell of lust.