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Robe of the Rifts

Source Pathfinder #78: City of Locusts pg. 63
Aura strong transmutation (evil) CL 20th
Slot body; Price —; Weight 1 lb.


The Robe of the Rifts is crafted of what appears to be fine silk, but is in fact forged of congealed dreams siphoned from the minds of slumbering spellcasters as they were ritually murdered. It was created by Areelu Vorlesh to augment her melee prowess soon after her transformation into a half-succubus in a process that involved humiliating favors granted to 13 separate demon lords. The Robe of the Rifts grants the following enhancements when it is worn.
  • The wearer’s attack rolls and damage rolls with all melee weapons are modified by her Intelligence modifier, not her Strength modifier. This modifier is never halved for secondary attacks, but neither is it increased for twohanded attacks.
  • The wearer applies her armor and natural armor bonuses (if any) to her touch AC.
  • The wearer gains a +6 profane bonus on all saving throws.
  • The robes infuse the wearer’s natural attacks (if any) as if she wore an unholy amulet of mighty fists +5.


The Robe of the Rifts must be donned by a humanoid with an Intelligence score of 3 or lower, who must repeat the 13 debasements Areelu performed for demon lords when creating the robe with 13 different and unwilling angels.