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Source Pathfinder #78: City of Locusts pg. 63
Aura strong conjuration and evocation [earth] CL 20th
Slot weapon; Price —; Weight 80 lbs.


Riftcarver is an immense weapon carved from exoskeleton plates pried from the body of the now-long-forgotten monstrosity that birthed Deskari into the Abyss. The demon lord emerged fully formed, and the crafting of this weapon was among the first of his acts—Riftcarver aided the demon lord tremendously in those first few thousand centuries of his life, and was the primary tool he used to dig the Rasping Rifts.

Riftcarver is a Gargantuan +5 defending unholy wounding scythe. As part of its first successful hit against a target in any one round, Riftcarver can infest the creature hit with rot grubs (Pathfinder RPG GameMastery Guide 245). Once per minute as a standard action by striking at the ground, Riftcarver can create an earthquake centered on the target’s location. Riftcarver’s wielder never suffers any ill effects from earthquakes created by the scythe. Once per day, the scythe can be swept through the air as a standard action to rip a hole between worlds that serves as a 20-foot-diameter gate—this gate can be used only for planar travel, not for calling creatures. Riftcarver is made of the chitin of an Abyssal monster, yet it is treated as adamantine for the purposes of damaging objects and penetrating hardness.

Smaller versions of this artifact, built to be used by Medium cultists, also exist. Called rotcarvers, the majority of these weapons have been captured and destroyed by the crusaders by the Fifth Crusade. A rotcarver is a +3 scythe that can infest those it strikes with rot grubs, or can transform its user into a rot grub swarm. Rotcarvers are detailed on page 51 of Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lost Kingdoms.


If the remains of its ancient, forgotten source can be located and restored to life, Riftcarver can be destroyed by using it to deliver a coup de grace against that creature. If the attack slays the resurrected horror, Riftcarver crumbles to dust.