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Pendant of the First Tears

Source Pathfinder #137: The City Outside of Time pg. 12
Aura strong conjuration and enchantmnet CL 18th
Slot neck; Price —; Weight


This tear-shaped crystal hangs from a delicate setting and chain, both encrusted with black diamond dust. The pendant is forged from chips of the diadem of Doloras, Queen of the Night of detachment, dispassion, and pain, who visited the kyton demagogue Inkariax just before he built his realm on the Shadow Plane. The Queen of the Night gifted these magical crystals to the demagogue as a sign of her favor.

As a standard action, a creature who wears a pendant of the first tears can touch the physical exterior of Inkariax’s palace at area B16 and be instantly transported into its antechamber. This functions as plane shift, with White Death’s Diadem treated as a demiplane and no chance that the wearer arrives anywhere except for a random open space on the floor of the palace’s antechamber (area B18). The wearer can join hands with additional creatures for all to be transported into the antechamber in this way, though a pendant can transport only up to eight creatures at a time. Similarly, a wearer inside the antechamber can touch its inner walls as a standard action to be transported to the closest location on the far side of the antechamber’s walls in area B16.

In addition to its teleportation powers, a pendant of the first tears grants the wearer immunity to fear effects and pain effects. The wearer casts spells and effects with these descriptors as if her caster level were 2 higher. Additionally, the wearer can cast hold monster and power word kill, each once per day.


If a pendant of the first tears is placed around the neck of one of Doloras’s three living and unharmed solar angel brothers, the pendant crumbles to ash as soon as the solar removes it.