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Osa Painting

Source Horror Realms pg. 41
Aura strong conjuration and divination CL 15th
Slot none; Price —; Weight 10 lbs.


Several Osa paintings exist, each displaying a hand-painted Shenmen landscape. These paintings react to specific groups of individuals, sensing in them a likeness between their fates and the curse that haunts Shenmen. Creatures viewing the landscape that are deemed worthy (GM’s discretion) are selected by the painting, and a likeness of that creature appears in the depicted scene. Once a full group is selected (usually four, but sometimes only one and at other times a group of a dozen or more), the portrait triggers and each of the creatures depicted must succeed at a DC 20 Will save or be transported to the viewpoint depicted, across any distance (including across planes), via teleportation. Once the group has been gathered, they are placed under the effects of a geas/quest spell (no save) to undertake a specific action in that region, preventing them from leaving Shenmen until the task is completed.


Once a selected group is brought to Shenmen and completes the task set by the Osa painting, the painting itself turns into a blank, nonmagical canvas.