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Source Pathfinder #78: City of Locusts pg. 63
Aura strong evocation (evil) CL 20th
Slot weapon; Price —; Weight 10 lbs.


The favored blade of the Storm King, Noriznigath is named for the first nascent demon lord it was used to behead, and is a Large +6 unholy longsword—as with all slashing weapons, Noriznigath becomes a vorpal weapon in the hands of a balor. The body of a creature decapitated by Noriznigath is disintegrated if the decapitation results in death, and heals the wielder of 100 points of damage.


Noriznigath melts into blood and mist if its namesake, the long-dead nascent demon lord Noriznigath, is restored to life.