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Nahyndrian Elixir

Source Pathfinder #76: The Midnight Isles pg. 61
Aura strong conjuration and necromancy [evil] CL 20th
Slot none; Price —; Weight 1 lb.


This thick, syrupy, deep purple elixir contains within it the ability to infuse a drinker with a tiny fragment of a dead demon lord’s mythic power. So potent is this elixir that it must be stored in a magically reinforced cold iron flask capped with a mixture of lead and demon ichor—the flask itself is essentially a wondrous magic item that does nothing else and costs 8,000 gp to craft. Even then, the elixir’s essence fills a 10-foot-radius area with unholy energies that sicken all living creatures (this is a poison effect with no saving throw). If the flask is opened, this radius expands to 30 feet. A thin sheet of lead, 1 inch of common metal, or 1 foot of stone blocks this effect. Once the flask is opened, the elixir must be imbibed within 1 minute; re-capping the elixir at this point doesn’t reset or pause this countdown. If the elixir has not been imbibed in that time, the energy within explodes in a 30-foot-radius burst that deals 15d6 points of unholy damage (Will DC 25 half) to all creatures in the area of effect, destroying the elixir.

If a creature drinks a Nahyndrian elixir, it must succeed at a DC 25 Fortitude save or take 4d6 points of Constitution drain (demons automatically succeed). If a non-mythic chaotic evil creature succeeds, it undergoes mythic ascension—gaining either the first tier in a mythic path or a mythic rank, at the GM’s discretion. A chaotic evil creature that is already mythic treats a Nahyndrian elixir as nectar of the gods (Pathfinder RPG Mythic Adventures 155).

Nahyndrian elixirs have the same strange immunity to teleportation effects as Nahyndrian crystals.


Merely opening the elixir ensures its destruction. Pouring the contents out triggers its unholy explosion instantly.