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Lung Bloodstone of Arazni

Source Pathfinder #141: Last Watch pg. 28
Aura strong abjuration and necromancy [lawful] CL 20th
Slot none; Price —; Weight 2 lbs.


This canopic jar containing Arazni’s preserved lungs echoes with Arazni’s sense of duty and the lingering power of the dead god Aroden. The bearer of the Lung Bloodstone of Arazni gains Improved Iron Will as a bonus feat. Any cleric who bears the jar is granted the Knowledge domain as an additional domain, with the associated granted powers and domain spells, for as long as she bears it. If the bearer is not a cleric, she instead gains the lore keeper ability of the Knowledge domain, treating her character level as her cleric level.


Together, the tyrant Geb and the lich Arazni can destroy the Bloodstone, binding the organ within the withered form of the fallen hero as part of a 24-hour-long ritual.