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Hourglass of Transfiguration

Source Artifacts and Legends pg. 7
Aura strong all schools CL 20th
Slot none; Price —; Weight


Whoever breaks this crystalline hourglass blacks out for 24 hours. During this time no power can reawaken her, as she is gradually swapping places with another version of herself from some other place—a parallel dimension, an ideal concept of the gods, an impossibly distant time, or the like. If a PC breaks the hourglass, that PC’s player may completely recreate her character, rerolling statistics, changing race and classes, altering feat and skill selections, and otherwise changing any choice she made regarding her character, as major or minor as she pleases. The PC’s possessions remain the same, however. After 24 hours, the character reawakens, revised and affected as if by the heal spell. Her memories are nearly identical to those of her previous self, though her age and certain choices might result in numerous minor differences. This effect is permanent and the character’s previous incarnation cannot be restored except by finding another hourglass of transfiguration.


Sometimes players get bored with their characters or find new options they didn’t have access to when they first built their PC. Although overuse can devalue the significance of a player’s choices, an hourglass of transfiguration can give players seeking new options renewed investment in a game.