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Haykali's House of Cards

Source Classic Treasures Revisited pg. 19
Aura strong (all schools) CL 20th
Slot none; Price —; Weight


This item operates as a standard 22-card deck of many things, save that if its wielder takes 5 minutes to build a card house out of its deck (a DC 20 Sleight of Hand check), he and any creatures touching him are instantly transported to a pocket dimension constructed to resemble a massive, fully furnished mansion made out of cards. Within its ever-shifting corridors, the PCs must defeat personifications of the negative cards or be immediately shunted back to the Material Plane and suffer the effects of the card that conquered them. If the PCs successfully reach the heart of the mansion, they find the positive result cards floating there. Each PC may choose one, whereupon he returns to the Material Plane and receives its effects. A creature may enter the House of Cards only once. Designing and mapping the adventure that results from characters entering the House of Cards is left up to the GM; such preparations should take place before introducing this artifact.


Haykali's House of Cards can be destroyed only by surmounting its challenges and then using the Moon card to wish for the deck's destruction.