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Gem of Dreams

Source Dungeons of Golarion pg. 43
Aura strong necromancy CL 20th
Slot none; Price —; Weight 2 lbs.


No record of where Kamaria found this potent artifact exists, although many believe she discovered it while exploring a remote corner of the nightmare realm of Leng. The Gem of Dreams can be used once per month to absorb the dreaming mind of any sleeping creature it is in contact with—this ability must be activated as a full-round action. The sleeping creature can resist this doom by making a DC 20 Will save—with a success, he is afflicted by a nightmare spell (CL 20th) but is otherwise unharmed. If he fails the save, his dreaming mind is stolen, warped, and then siphoned back into his body in the space of an hour. If the victim is awakened before this process completes, his body twists and transforms into a creature known as a dream eater (see above), at which point only wish or miracle (or the destruction of the Gem of Dreams) can restore him to his true form. At the point the transformation occurs, the creature that activated the gem’s power ceases to age for a month. By using the gem every month (and creating more and more dream eaters), a person can effectively become immortal in this manner. While this is technically nothing more than a beneficial side effect, it is this power that has generated the majority of the gem’s legendary fame.


The gem must absorb the dreams of a slumbering Spawn of Rovagug, whereupon it shatters into dust and releases a particularly powerful animate dream (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 29); the power of this animate dream is left to you, but it should be advanced in Hit Dice to a point where its CR is equal to 3 points above the party’s average level. Needless to say, the animate dream immediately attacks—if not slain, it reforms as a new Gem of Dreams after 24 hours.