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Flamma Horacalcum

Source Pathfinder #66: The Dead Heart of Xin pg. 58
Aura moderate evocation CL 20th
Slot none; Price —; Weight 7 lbs.


The flamma horacalcum is tiny ball of fire harvested from a secret and hidden grotto on the Plane of Fire where the flames are infused with energies leaking from the Demiplane of Time. During the time of Azlant, dozens of flamma horacalcums existed, each of which had to be encased in an orrery-like container made of horacalcum to prevent the flame from burning away into another time. The flame itself is weightless, but the orrery that contains it weighs 7 pounds, and requires a free hand to carry and utilize.

As a free action, a flamma horacalcum’s level of illumination can be adjusted by its carrier’s thought to range from the brightness of a single candle to that shed by a daylight spell. This light is considered to be from a 9th-level spell for the purposes of overcoming magical darkness. Once the flamma horacalcum is set down, it continues to radiate its last level of light.

This light bends and warps time in slight ways for its carrier, granting her a +4 bonus on all initiative checks. Three times per day, the flame can be commanded to cast a haste spell as a swift action. The carrier can also use the flame as a standard action to unleash a thin beam of fire equivalent to a searing light. A creature hit by this effect is slowed, as per the spell, for 1d4 rounds if it fails at a DC 20 Will save.

Once per week as a standard action, the user of a flamma horacalcum can blow the flame out, snuffing it entirely. This triggers a time stop effect on the user that lasts for 1d4 rounds, after which the flame reignites. Other observers see this effect only as a brief flickering of the flame, since the duration of the time the flame was extinguished is contained wholly by the time stop effect.

In certain areas that have been subjected to powerful destructive magical effects associated with fire (such as Xin’s Palace), the light of the flamma horacalcum reveals images from the past. These images only manifest if the device’s light is at its highest setting, and what exactly is revealed can vary—the light may reveal events from only a few hours past, or it may reveal things from hundreds of centuries gone. The various encounters within Xin’s palace include sections on what the light of the flamma horacalcum reveals.


The flame of a flamma horacalcum must be quenched in the shadow of a demigod who hasn’t yet been born.