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Eye of Abenatrex

Source Dragonslayer's Handbook pg. 29
Aura N/A CL N/A
Price —; Weight


The Eye of Abenatrex appears as a crystalline eyeball almost too large to be held in one hand. Gouges mar its surface and a golden triangle is embedded deep in the black iris—the symbol of the Saoc Brethren of the lost nation of Lirgen.

The city of Oagon was home to a cadre of wealthy merchants and astrologers who were the unknowing minions of the blue dragon Abenatrex. By sending false prophecies into their dreams, she directed the development of trade between Lirgen and its neighbors. Proud of her achievements, Abenatrex made the fatal error of revealing herself to her underlings, expecting respect. What she actually received was a pretense of fealty from subjects who turned the tables on her and stole what they perceived as their gold from under her nose. Through powerful magic, the Lirgeni took her entire hoard to fill their already overflowing coffers. For a while, Abenatrex remained oblivious to the immense slight, but inevitably, one of the wizards made a mistake and their ruse was revealed. Driven mad with rage and confusion, Abenatrex clawed out her own unbelieving eyes and frenziedly collapsed her lair around her.

From out of the rubble, one of her eyes was recovered, and over the decades since Lirgen’s fall, the Eye of Abenatrex has been sought by kings and dragons alike.

Effects: The Eye of Abenatrex can be held in the hand or mounted atop a staff. The bearer of the eye is immune to the effects of the illusory hoard spell and can cast dispel magic three times per day using his character level as the effect’s caster level. If mounted on a staff, the eye also automatically casts dispel magic (CL 13th), targeting any illusions it interacts with. Also, any sorcerer of the draconic bloodline who wields the eye adds all spells on pages 28–29 to her spells known.