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Bracers of the Immortal Hunt

Source Mythic Origins pg. 19
Aura overwhelming (all schools) CL 30th
Slot wrists; Price —; Weight 1 lb.


The Bracers of the Immortal Hunt claim to have been gifted by Erastil to a favored Ulfen hunter millennia ago. They are stoic and steadfast in their decisions, regarding only the noblest of hunters as deserving of their attention.

Transcendent Power: The Bracers of the Immortal Hunt seek an owner dedicated to the relentless pursuit and defeat of mythic beasts that pose a threat to settled lands. A non-mythic wearer deemed worthy by the Bracers of the Immortal Hunt can gain great power from this noble item.
  • The wearer gains 2 mythic tiers in the champion path (Mythic Adventures 20).
  • The wearer gains the champion’s strike (distant barrage) champion feature.
  • The wearer gains a +2 increase to Dexterity.
  • The wearer gains the Mythic Rapid Shot feat, or Rapid Shot if he does not already have it and meets the prerequisites.
  • The wearer gains the endless hatred and limitless range path abilities.
Special Purpose: The bracers have the special purpose of slaying mythic animals and magical beasts. Regardless of whether he has mythic tiers, if the wearer of the Bracers of the Immortal Hunt shares in the bracers’ special purpose, he gains the following benefits.
  • The wearer gains all of the benefits of greater bracers of archery.
  • The wearer can use blessing of fervorAPG once per day.


The Bracers of the Immortal Hunt can be destroyed by drenching them in the blood of one of Erastil’s heralds and feeding them to a mythic stag.