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Bellwether Brooch

Source Guardians of Dragonfall pg. 29
Aura overwhelming enchantment and transmutation CL 29th
Slot amulet; Price —; Weight


The creators of Dragonfall allowed for the possibility that at some point in the future, Dragonfall might require relocation. While they could not program the guardians with the flexibility of thought necessary to execute this task themselves, they did, through the Bellwether Brooch, allow the option for someone else to lead the guardians to a new location.

As long as the Bellwether Brooch resides in its setting in the Paragon Chamber of Dragonfall, the Guardians of Dragonfall follow their normal routines. If the Bellwether Brooch is removed from its setting, however, the guardians immediately stop performing these routines and await the commands of the brooch’s wearer. As a free action, the wearer of the brooch can telepathically command any Guardians of Dragonfall within 100 feet, and the guardians obey fully. The guardians resume their normal routines if the brooch is replaced in its setting. In addition, the wearer of the brooch receives a +10 insight bonus on skill checks to craft constructs, is treated as 5 levels higher for the purposes of creating constructs, and need not expend XP in the creation of constructs.

The brooch is a clear diamond cut in an ovoid, two inches long. It has no chain or clasp; instead, it attaches itself to the wearer’s skin at the neck. The wearer can easily remove it, but it is treated as a “well-secured object” against any attempts to remove it by force.