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Source Technology Guide pg. 34
Price 300 gp


Torpinal is a serum that makes the injected subject more cooperative during interrogation. It has a 1-minute onset time. The effects of a single dose of torpinal can be resisted with a successful DC 12 Will saving throw. Additional dose can be used, and often are when the subject succeeds at a save against torpinal. Each dose administered within a 1-minute period forces a new saving throw to resist the effects, with the DC increasing by 2 per additional dose (to a maximum of DC 22).

A victim that succumbs to torpinal becomes highly suggestible to revealing truthful information for 10 minutes. Whenever the victim is posed a question during this time, the victim must succeed at a Will saving throw (DC = the DC of the dose of torpinal the victim failed his saving throw against) to resist replying to the question in as truthful a manner as he can. The victim isn’t compelled to follow any suggestions other than the one to answer questions truthfully. A victim under the effects of torpinal takes a –10 penalty on Bluff checks, making it difficult to lie even if successfully saving against the torpinal’s ongoing effects. Torpinal is a poison and mind-affecting effect.


Craft DC 25; Cost 150 gp
Craft Pharmaceutical, medical lab