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Source Pathfinder #86: Lords of Rust pg. 63
Price 200 gp


This strange, pink, gel-like substance is generally contained in a small glass jar that holds 1 dose. A single dose of soothe dulls pain and creates a euphoric sensation, particularly when applied to an open wound. Rubbing a dose of soothe onto one’s skin or imbibing the faintly citrusflavored stuff cures 1 point of damage, but rubbing a dose onto a wound received in the last minute heals the user of 1d8 points of damage. In addition, for the next minute, the user becomes immune to bleed damage and gains a +2 morale bonus on saving throws against fear effects. As a somewhat unusual and disturbing side effect, wounds healed by soothe tend to form raw, unsightly scars, giving the appearance of the wound still being fresh but disturbingly bloodless. Soothe has a further side effect—the stuff is slightly addictive, and those who use it run the danger of developing a habit. Soothe’s side effect of transforming wounds into raw, ugly scar tissue tends to make those who abuse the drug-like pharmaceutical increasingly into hideous monstrosities over time. In fact, some subcultures, like the Smilers of Scrapwall, use this side effect to make themselves appear more ferocious, and openly encourage self-mutilation followed by healing via of this strange substance.


Craft DC 20; Cost 100 gp
Craft Pharmaceutical, medical lab