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Source Technology Guide pg. 34
Price 250 gp (Grade I), 500 gp (Grade II), 750 gp (Grade III), 1,000 gp (Grade IV), 1,250 gp (Grave V)


Hemochem stops bleeding and promotes healing. A single dose of hemochem grants fast healing for 1 minute. Multiple doses injected do not stack, but they do reset the duration of the fast healing back to 1 minute. Five grades of hemochem exist; the fast healing granted by a dose depends on the pharmaceutical’s grade, as detailed below.

GradeFast Healing
Grade I1
Grade II2
Grade III3
Grade IV4
Grade V5


Craft DC 23 (Grade I), DC 24 (Grade II), DC 25 (Grade III), DC 26 (Grade IV), DC 27 (Grave V); Cost 125 gp (Grade I), 250 gp (Grade II), 375 gp (Grade III), 500 gp (Grade IV), 625 gp (Grave V)
Craft Pharmaceutical, medical lab