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Azonite Pellets

Source Pathfinder #89: Palace of Fallen Stars pg. 62
Price 100 gp


The crew of the Divinity did their best to avoid exposure to radiation, but during a mult-iyear exploration of uncharted space, accidents will happen. Azonite pellets were the typical answer to radiation exposure—a less expensive alternative to cureallTG. An azonite pellet grants a +5 bonus on all saving throws against radiation for 1 hour. Taking multiple pellets resets the duration, but doesn’t increase the bonus. Taking 5 pellets at once instantly cures all Strength damage caused by radiation poisoning, but doesn’t cure Strength damage caused by any other effect. Azonite pellets can’t cure Constitution drain caused by radiation.


Craft DC 22; Cost 50 gp
Craft Pharmaceutical, medical lab