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Temporal Accelerator

Source Technology Guide pg. 62
Slot head; Weight 1 lb.
Capacity —; Usage


When placed on the back of the skull, this curved metal bar adheres to the skin and releases a network of microscopic probes that interface directly with the wearer’s brain. As a swift action, the device can be activated to stimulate the wearer’s brain into accelerated activity. For 1 minute, the wearer gains two sets of actions each turn—two move, two standard, and two swift actions—in any order desired. A standard and move action can be combined into a full-round action as normal, but actions with a duration of 1 round still take up the wearer’s entire turn. When the duration expires (or the effects ends for any reason), the device deals 2 points of Intelligence and Constitution drain as well as shortens the wearer’s maximum lifespan by 5 years as a result of neurological deterioration. This shortened lifespan does not hasten the accumulation of age-related bonuses or penalties; it merely hastens death from old age. While the ability drain caused by the temporal accelerator can be treated with restoration and similar effects, the wearer’s shortened lifespan cannot.

If a temporal accelerator is activated more than once in a 24-hour period, the wearer takes an additional 2d4 points of Constitution and Intelligence damage in addition to the Constitution drain at the end of the device’s effect, and loses an additional 10 years of life expectancy instead of 5 for activating the device. A successful DC 25 Fortitude save reduces the ability damage by half. The ability damage increases by 1d4 and the save DC increases by 5 for each activation beyond the second in a 24-hour period.

A temporal accelerator can be disarmed or sundered with a disarm or sunder combat maneuver. It has hardness 10 and 5 hit points. Destroying or ripping away an attached temporal accelerator causes 1d8 points of Intelligence damage to the wearer, in additional to ending the effects of the device if active at the time.