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Psychic Imprinter

Source Technology Guide pg. 61
Slot head; Weight 10 lbs.
Capacity 20; Usage 1 charge


A more advanced version of the neurocam (see page 50), a psychic imprinter resembles a helmet with a closed and opaque visor. It can be adjusted to fit over the head a Small, Medium, or Large humanoid. In its recording mode, it records a complete mental image of that creator into its data banks. This functions as a neurocam’s recording mode, except the DC for the Will save to resist is 30. This image remains until a new recording overwrites it.

In its imprinting mode, the device writes its stored mental image over the mind of the creature wearing it, destroying the creature’s original memories and personality in the process. The target retains its physical ability scores, racial abilities, and any racial Hit Dice. It gains the mental abilities, class levels, feats, skills, and spell-like abilities of the stored image in place of its own. A successful DC 30 Will saving throw negates erasure. An imprinter can be set to record the mental image of the target as the device overwrites its mind. Otherwise, the old personality is utterly destroyed in the process, beyond the reach of all means except a miracle or wish spell, or divine intervention.

Stored memories can be transferred between neurocams and psychic imprinters without consuming charges from either device.