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Powered Armor

Source Technology Guide pg. 61
Slot armor; Weight 50 lbs.
Capacity 100; Usage see text


Type: Heavy
AC: +10
Max Dex: +4
Penalty: -2
Spell Failure: 60%
Speed (30 ft.): See text
Speed (20 ft.): See text

Powered armor represents the pinnacle of personal armor—a suit crafted of multiple skymetals and other materials designed to augment the wearer in numerous ways. The armor actually boosts land speed when worn, granting a +10 foot enhancement bonus to the wearer’s speed. While worn, powered armor also grants a +6 enhancement bonus to Strength and Dexterity. Powered armor protects against energy and the environment as if it were a spacesuit (see page 32). Powered armor has hardness 20 and 300 hit points. Powered armor is fitted with numerous small booster jets that grant the wearer a fly speed of 60 feet (with average maneuverability) in areas of no gravity and 20 feet (with poor maneuverability) in gravity.

As a standard action, the wearer may activate the armor’s self-repair system. The armor consumes a single charge and repairs 2d6 points of damage. Only 1 charge can be consumed per turn for this effect.

In addition, the following technological wonders are integrated into a suit of powered armor—each of these devices drains power from the suit’s charges as appropriate when they are activated and used.
  • Camera (see page 40) in the helmet.
  • Commset (see page 42) in the helmet.
  • Fire extinguisher (see page 44) mounted on the left wrist.
  • Flashlight (see page 45) mounted on the helmet.
  • Gloves that can function as grippers (see page 47).
  • Laser pistol (see page 25) mounted on the right forearm that leaves the hand free. Firing this laser pistol is always considered an off-hand attack, and the number of times it can be fired cannot be increased by feats like Improved Two Weapon Fighting.
  • Magboots (see page 49).
  • Three medlances (see page 49). Each medlance can be loaded with a single potion or pharmaceutical; activating an integrated medlance is an immediate action.
  • Power receiver (see page 51).
  • Prismatic force field (see page 45) located on hips; activating this force field is a swift action.
  • Radiation detector (see page 51) on the right wrist.
  • Custom veemods (see page 53) in the visor grant a +10 bonus on Perception checks, low light vision, darkvision up to 120 feet, and all-around vision.
Rumors persist of variant forms of powered armor, including suits sized for giants or that can function as vehicles for multiple creatures.