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Memory Facet (Creativity, Cruelty, Instinct, Intuition, Logic, Psyche)

Source Pathfinder #90: The Divinity Drive pg. 61
Slot none; Weight
Capacity —; Usage


A memory facet is a length of crystal about the size of a human thumb. This potent device is used to store programming meant to augment or change an AI’s functional nature. Full rules for memory facets are on page 62 of Pathfinder Adventure Path #86: Lords of Rust. The memory facets detailed below can be found in this adventure.

Creativity Facet: This memory facet enhances the AI’s creativity and ability to react quickly to problems. It grants a +6 bonus to the AI’s Charisma score and grants Improved Initiative as a bonus feat.

Cruelty Facet: This memory facet bolsters an AI’s ability to do harm, granting a +4 bonus on all damage rolls. In addition, while the AI controls an aggregateTG, the facet grants the aggregate a rogue’s sneak attack ability (+2d6) and bleeding strike talent.

Instinct Facet: This memory facet enhances the AI’s ability to act on instinct. It grants a +6 bonus to the AI’s Wisdom score and grants Combat Reflexes as a bonus feat. The AI can use either its Wisdom modifier or its aggregate’s Dexterity modifier (its choice) to determine the number of attacks of opportunity this bonus feat grants.

Intuition Facet: An intuition facet bolsters the AI’s processing speed by allowing it to use probability and intuition to make incredibly swift decisions. The facet grants a +2 bonus on all Reflex saving throws and Initiative checks, as well as granting Dodge and Mobility as bonus feats when the AI is in an aggregate.

Logic Facet: This memory facet enhances the AI’s ability to utilize logic. It grants a +6 bonus to the AI’s Intelligence score and grants Combat Expertise as a bonus feat.

Psyche Facet: A psyche facet bolsters a robot’s sense of self and enhances its ability to resist peril and danger. It grants a +3 resistance bonus on all saving throws. In addition, once per day the AI can restore a destroyed robot to activity, as memory of functionTG, using the AI’s CR as the effective caster level.