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Extinction Wave Device

Source Technology Guide pg. 60
Slot none; Weight 1,000 lbs.
Capacity —; Usage


An extinction wave device is a devastating and ruinous weapon indeed. When activated by a remote detonator, this bomb explodes in a spherical wash of realitywarping radiation, killing virtually all living creatures with an Intelligence score in a 1-mile radius, while leaving structures and simple life forms intact. Affected creatures must attempt a DC 35 Will saving throw to avoid instant death; success results in 10d8 points of damage instead. Unlike signals, an extinction wave is not hampered by most solid barriers and other materials, but force barriers with 25 or more hit points and metals alloyed with djezet block it. An extinction wave is a mind-affecting death effect.

These statistics are for an extinction wave device designed to target command and control centers. Smaller and larger extinction wave devices exist. For example, a portable wave extinction device delivers a 1,000-foot-radius effect and weighs 50 pounds.