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Arms of the Iron God

Source Pathfinder #90: The Divinity Drive pg. 60
Slot arms (cybernetic); Weight 28 lbs.
Capacity —; Usage


Install DC 38; Implantation 4

The Arms of the Iron God replace the arms, shoulders, and much of the recipient’s spine. They double the creature’s lifting and carrying capacity, grant a +5 circumstance bonus on Climb checks, and grant a +5 bonus to CMD against disarm attempts. The Arms also grant the user a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength.

Each arm ends in an electrified claw that grants the wielder a claw attack that deals 1d8 points of damage. These claw attacks are always primary attacks, even while a one-handed weapon is wielded and the other claw is used to make an additional attack. The claws function as +3 shocking burst weapons. As a free action, one of the claws can be transformed into a +3 shocking burst battleaxe—returning it to its claw form is a move action. When the claw transforms, any item held in or worn on that hand drops. Attacks made with this battleaxe gain a +2 bonus on damage rolls, but it cannot be wielded with two hands.

The Arms also function as a divine focus for spellcasting if the user worships Unity—even for unusually expensive divine focuses, such as the focus needed for destruction.


Once Unity is destroyed, the Arms of the Iron God can be destroyed as a normal item (hardness 15, hp 120).