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HEV suit

Source Technology Guide pg. 30


Cost 61,000 gp
Type Medium; Weight 20 lbs.; Armor Bonus +4
Max Dex Bonus +3; Armor Check Penalty -4
Arcane Spell Failure Chance 40%
Speed (30 ft.) 20 ft.; Speed (20 ft.) 15 ft.
Capacity 25 ; Usage 1 charge/hour


Short for “hazardous environment,” an HEV suit provides protection from radiation, disease, poisonous gas, cold, heat, and similar environmental dangers. The suit needs a power supply to work—while deactivated, none of the following abilities function at all.

While powered, the suit provides immunity to inhaled poisons and diseases, and provides resistance 10 against all forms of energy except for sonic damage. An HEV suit completely protects against low radiation, and reduces the effects of medium radiation to low radiation, but it offers no protection against high or severe radiation. The suit’s selfrepairing polymer resin fabric automatically seals secondary punctures or tears created by physical attacks to the wearer and damage dealt specifically against the suit. It repairs damage at the rate of 2d6 points of damage per charge consumed. While repairing damage in this manner, the suit’s other protective functions listed above are any taken offline. An HEV suit has hardness 2 and 30 hit points.


Craft DC 28; Cost 30,500 gp
Craft Technological Arms and Armor, production lab