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Source Adventurer's Armory 2 pg. 7


Cost +1,350 gp Weight +10 lbs.


With every plate sharpened to a cutting edge, razored armor punishes those who get too close. Armor with the razored modification counts as having masterwork armor spikes; if the armor already had armor spikes or masterwork armor spikes, decrease the cost of the razored modification by the cost of the existing armor spikes. Whenever an opponent hits you with a melee touch attack or succeeds at a combat maneuver check to grapple, she must succeed at a Reflex saving throw (DC = 10 + your base attack bonus) or take an amount of piercing damage equal to 1d6 plus the armor’s enhancement bonus.


Razored armor reduces your speed by 5 feet. In addition, razored armor takes twice as long to don or remove.