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Madu (steel)

Source Ultimate Equipment pg. 9, Legacy of Fire Player's Guide pg. 22, Adventurer's Armory pg. 5


Cost 50 gp Weight 6 lbs.
Armor Bonus +1; Max Dex Bonus —; Armor Check Penalty -2
Arcane Spell Failure Chance 5%; Speed —/—


The madu is a round, light leather shield with two animal horns—usually from an antelope—extending from opposite edges of the shield. If you are proficient with the madu, you may use it to fight defensively with a –2 penalty instead of the normal –4, and your attack penalty for using Combat Expertise improves by +1 (minimum –1 penalty). You cannot hold anything else in the hand that bears a madu. If you are not proficient with the madu, treat it as a light spiked shield. A madu can’t be disarmed. While traditional madus are crafted from leather and animal horn, they can be made entirely out of metal. Whether leather or steel, a madu offers the same basic protection and attack benefits, though the two varieties respond differently to some spells and effects (such as rusting grasp). A druid can use a leather madu, but not a steel madu.