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The Calamitous Turn

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 324
Pathfinder Wiki Chaldira


Alignment NG
Pantheon Halfling Deities
Areas of Concern Battle, luck, mischief
Domains Good, Luck, Trickery, War
Subdomains Agathion, Fate, Friendship, Tactics
* Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon Short sword
Symbol Shortsword with 3 notches
Sacred Animal(s) Lizard
Sacred Color(s) Green, red


Steal a coin or button from someone that isn’t likely to miss it or need it. While unobserved, balance the coin or button on the edge of a weapon, flip it into the air, and call out how it will land. If you are right, find someone else to give the coin or button to—perhaps even its original owner—and explain how the token will bring good fortune. Gain a +2 sacred bonus on attack rolls with the type of weapon (for example, short swords) you used to balance the object. If you can’t find someone to take the coin or button after an hour, or if you were wrong in calling how it will land, hide it somewhere where it will be found and where the finder might deem himself lucky for discovering it. In this case, you gain only a +1 sacred bonus on attack rolls with the weapon type.

On Golarion

Centers of Worship Absalom, Cheliax, Nidal, River Kingdoms, Varisia
Nationality halfling

Boons - Deific Obedience


Source Faiths of Golarion pg. 5
1: Lucky Berries (Sp) goodberry 3/day, tree shape (Small berry bush only) 2/day, or speak with plants 1/day
2: Confident Gambler (Su) While many creatures rely on their luck, your faith allows you to control your luck to a small degree. Except when performing Chaldira’s obedience, you can determine as a free action how an ordinary coin you flip or ordinary die you toss will land. If you use this ability for your own personal gain to the detriment of someone who is innocent or less fortunate than you are, you are likely to incur Chaldira’s disfavor and lose the use of this boon until you atone, as set forth in the atonement spell. When used to recover the use of this boon, an atonement spell has an additional monetary cost equal to the amount you gained due to the misuse of this ability. If you instead return the amount you gained to the person you acquired it from (or to the person’s family, community, friends, or other appropriate connection) and provide a genuine apology, then the atonement spell has no additional cost.
3: Auspicious Accuracy (Su) Your ability to control your luck expands to desperate situations of life and death. A number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum once per day), when you would normally roll a miss chance percentage, you can instead choose whether or not to hit. This ability manifests as a lucky turn of the blade or an awkward lunge that appears to be an overcorrection but actually places your attack right where it needs to be. Observers are likely to consider you exceptionally fortunate in your attacks, rather than suspect that you are supernaturally guided to bypass effects that would cause you to miss.


Source Faiths of Golarion pg. 5
1: Lucky Blessing (Sp) divine favor 3/day, blessing of luck and resolve 2/day, or prayer 1/day
2: Fortunate Spells (Su) When you create an effect that adjusts the luck of your allies, your devotion to Chaldira turns their luck even more strongly in their favor. Increase luck bonuses provided by spells or spell-like abilities you cast by 1. This ability stacks with other effects that increase a luck bonus, such as the Fortune’s Child sentinel boon, but not with other uses of this boon.
3: Providential Resistance (Su) With a quick plea to the Calamitous Turn, you shield yourself against a devastating energy attack. Three times per day as an immediate action when you would take acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic damage, you can gain resistance 20 to that damage type for 1 minute.


Source Faiths of Golarion pg. 5
1: Lucky Miss (Sp) blurred movement 3/day, blur (self only) 2/day, or blink 1/day. Your appearance does not change when using these abilities, although they function as normal; onlookers are not aware you are subject to their effects until they see an attack or effect miss you due to one of these abilities (or until you engage in a plainly magical effect, such as stepping through a solid object with the blink spell-like ability), or if they have the ability to detect the effect through detect magic or a similar ability.
2: Fortune’s Child (Su) Your luck is legendary, and you derive a stronger benefit from effects that aid your luck than other people do. Increase luck bonuses you receive from any effect by 1. This ability stacks with other effects that increase a luck bonus, such as the Fortunate Spells exalted boon, but not with other uses of this boon.
3: Impetuous Ardor (Su) Chaldira protects those who leap into combat without hesitation, and you cloak yourself in her favor when you dart across the battlefield toward your foes. You do not provoke attacks of opportunity for movement that takes you closer to an enemy you can see.

Paladin Code

Paladins of Chaldira Zuzaristan are firm believers in luck, and they believe that righteous people are inherently more fortunate than the unrighteous. When the unrighteous appear to have a lucky turn, it is an invitation to an inauspicious downfall, often at the end of the paladin’s blade. Paladins of Chaldira are quick to leap into battle even when they appear outmatched, trusting in their virtue and luck to carry them to victory. The code of Chaldira’s paladins contains the following adages.
  • I know that mischief brings joy to those who partake in it, but mischief must never come at the expense of another’s well-being. Theft is not inherently wrong, but theft must not be employed when it furthers suffering.
  • I will not hesitate to fight against those who oppress or attack the innocent.
  • I will never fail to help a friend in need.
  • I will acknowledge whenever I, or others, have benefitted from a lucky turn of events and praise the fortune that Chaldira bestows.
  • It is my sacred duty to learn and explore.
  • I freely serve my community and share my worldly goods with others, so I might demonstrate charity by example.
  • I will defend children in particular from abuse and evil, so their unwritten future can remain bright.

For Followers of Chaldira

Magic Items - Armor

Calamitous Mail


Call for Help, Chaldira's Luck, Lessons of Chaldira, Mischievous Smile, Reckless Luck

Unique Spell Rules

Source Faiths of Golarion pg. 7


Mage Hand can be prepared as a 0-level spell
Expeditious Retreat can be prepared as a 1st-level spell