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The Lady of the Final Gasp

Source Book of the Damned pg. 120
Pathfinder Wiki Barravoclair


Alignment LE
Pantheon Kyton Demagogues
Areas of Concern The elderly, fatalistic insights, resurrection
Domains Death, Evil, Healing, Law
Subdomains Murder, Restoration, Resurrection, Undead
* Requires the Acolyte of Apocrypha trait.
Favored Weapon War razor


Practice breath control, holding your breath until you nearly pass out. Gain a +4 profane bonus on checks to resist drowning and on saves against inhaled poisons.

Boons - Kyton Demagogues

Source Book of the Damned pg. 120
The principals of the kyton race number among the planes’ most audacious explorers, artistes, and scientists. Constrained by neither morals nor taboos, kyton demagogues pursue perfection in myriad profane fields. Lost limbs and lives mean little to the kyton demagogue—only the next boundary to shatter and the promise of what could be. The kyton demagogues are legion, but nine of those best known to Golarion’s cultic scholars are presented here.

Kyton demagogues are far less likely than other fiendish demigods to flaunt their power. All kyton demagogues are lawful evil and range in power from CR 26 to CR 30. The boons they grant are less complex than those granted by other fiendish demigods, manifesting as spell-like abilities each usable once per day.

1: speak with dead
2: resurrection
3: soul bind