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Half-Elf Double Scion

Source Heroes from the Fringe pg. 22
Many half-elves who live in human or elven societies try to blend in, hiding their true ancestry. But deception takes a toll, and some half-elves form alternate identities to let the suppressed side of their heritage be known. This other identity can be either a force for good, enabling the half-elf to express a part of himself that has been denied to him, or for evil, with the half-elf hurting others to make up for his own pain.

Dual Heritage: A half-elf double scion appears to be an elf in one identity and a human in the other identity. He takes no penalties to Disguise checks to appear as the race that matches his current identity. The selection of which race is the social identity and which is the vigilante identity is made at 1st level and cannot be changed. Additionally, when a half-elf double scion switches from one identity to another, he is representing different aspects of his heritage rather than personality. As a result, a half-elf double scion has the same alignment in both of his identities.

This alters dual identity.

Half-Elf Double Scion Talents: A half-elf double scion can select from the following vigilante talents, in addition to general vigilante talents.

Elven Weapon Command (Ex): A half-elf double scion can wield traditional elven weapons as well as elves can. The half-elf double scion treats any weapon with the word “elven” in its name as a martial weapon, and gains Weapon Focus as a bonus feat for one such weapon.

Arrogant Strike (Ex): A half-elf double scion has a highly confident style in battle, characteristic of both humans and elves. A half-elf double scion can declare that he is using this ability at the beginning of his turn as a free action. He automatically confirms any critical hits until the beginning of his next turn. He can use this ability once per day plus one additional time at 14th level and 18th level. A half-elf double scion must be at least 10th level to select this talent.

Slick Step (Ex): A half-elf double scion can, as a move action, move 10 feet without provoking an attack of opportunity. This movement cannot pass through an opponent's square and must otherwise be a legal movement. He cannot draw a weapon during this movement.