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Dragonscale Loyalist

Source Heroes of the High Court pg. 24
Since the disappearance of the Rogarvias, Brevoy draws ever closer to civil war. The rule of King-Regent Noleski Surtova grows increasingly tenuous; to hold his position, he sends handpicked agents into the kingdom’s courts to flush out traitors to the Dragonscale Throne. When not acting as courtiers, these agents don fearsome draconic masks, becoming anonymous protectors of the kingregent’s rule.

Ruby Courtier (Ex): Surtova’s minions pose as minor nobles studying the Aldori swordlord traditions common throughout Brevoy. At 1st level, a Dragonscale loyalist gains Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Aldori dueling swordISWG) as a bonus feat. His social identity must appear to be that of a noble, and he can’t select double time, many guises, or any social talent inappropriate for a noble social identity.

This ability alters social talents and replaces the 1st-level social talent.

Reflexive Reaction (Ex): A Dragonscale loyalist lacks the conviction of other vigilantes, but his reactions are keenly honed. At 3rd level, if a Dragonscale loyalist acts during a surprise round, he can take a full round’s worth of actions. If he does, he is staggered during the first full round of combat.

This ability replaces unshakable.

False Allegiance (Ex): Eventually, a loyalist begins training to infiltrate one of Brevoy’s great houses. At 5th level, a Dragonscale loyalist chooses one of the seven houses of Brevoy, gaining a bonus feat and a special ability appropriate to the chosen house. He need not meet the feat’s prerequisites.

House Garess: The Dragonscale loyalist gains Sure GraspUC and dwarves’ stonecunning racial trait.

House Lebeda: The Dragonscale loyalist gains Skill Focus (Appraise). He can also resell items for 60% of their listed value, rather than 50%. The purchase limit of the settlement must be high enough to accommodate the increased value.

House Lodovka: The Dragonscale loyalist gains Sea LegsUC. When attempting Swim checks, he ignores the armor check penalty of light or medium armor. If the loyalist has the heavy training vigilante talent, this applies to heavy armor as well.

House Medvyed: The Dragonscale loyalist gains Endurance and the druid’s resist nature’s lure class feature.

House Orlovsky: The Dragonscale loyalist gains Call TruceUI and a +3 bonus to his CMD.

House Rogarvia: The Dragonscale loyalist gains Skill Focus (Knowledge [history]) and a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks to gather information. This bonus increases to +4 when gathering information related to the Rogarvias.

House Surtova: The Dragonscale loyalist gains Persuasive and a +4 bonus on Sense Motive checks against creatures that profess to be his allies.

This ability replaces startling appearance.

Dragonscale Vigilance (Su): A Dragonscale loyalist becomes supernaturally perceptive to plots against his lord. At 11th level, while in his vigilante identity, a Dragonscale loyalist is treated as constantly being under the effects of perceive betrayal . This effect’s caster level is equal to the Dragonscale loyalist’s vigilante level, and he doesn’t require material components or a focus.

This ability replaces the vigilante’s frightening appearance.

Conqueror’s Wrath (Ex): Inspired by the deeds of Chora the Conqueror, a loyalist can rampage through enemy ranks. At 17th level, as a full-round action, a Dragonscale loyalist can make a full attack and move up to his speed. The loyalist can pause at any point or points during the movement, make one or more of his attacks, and continue moving. Creatures making attacks of opportunity against the loyalist during this movement gain a +4 bonus on their attack and damage rolls. Using this ability counts as using a vigilante talent.

This ability replaces stunning appearance.