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Anaphexia Thought-Killer

Source Inner Sea Intrigue pg. 38
Anaphexia thought-killers worship Norgorber’s Reaper of Reputation aspect from their secret home in Ustalav. In sacrifice to him, they cut out their own tongues to gain magical protection from exposure and hunt down secrets to steal before they can be spread—which usually requires executing those who already knew them.

Tongue Sacrifice (Su): An Anaphexia thought-killer’s social identity is as a Pharasmin priest, one whom many people assume has taken a vow of silence since they speak so infrequently. In order to assume her vigilante identity, an Anaphexia thought-killer must cut out her own tongue as a standard action—an act that deals 1d4 points of damage plus 1 point of bleed damage and leaves her unable to speak (even to cast spells). The thought-killer gains the ability to cast regenerate as a spell-like ability once per day, and only to restore her own tongue.

Monastic Communication (Ex): At 2nd level, an Anaphexia thought-killer is skilled at maintaining a disguise without speaking. She can communicate simple concepts through body language and pantomime as though passing a secret message using the Bluff skill, in half the time normally required to do so. The Anaphexia thought-killer gains a bonus on this check equal to 1/2 her vigilante level.

This replaces the social talent gained at 2nd level.

Silent to Magic (Su): At 6th level, an Anaphexia thought-killer is protected by nondetection in her social identity but only against mind-reading effects. Her effective caster level is equal to her vigilante level. At 10th level, this protection also applies to the thought-killer’s vigilante identity.

This ability replaces the social talent gained at 6th level.

Thought-Scent (Su): At 7th level, an Anaphexia thought-killer can smell a significant thought. As a standard action, she can choose one fact or idea she already knows, such as a secret she wishes to keep hidden, and can locate any creature within 30 feet who knows it as with the scent ability. The range increases to 60 feet if the creature is upwind and drops to 15 feet if the creature is downwind. She can discern the direction to the creature until she is adjacent, at which point she can pinpoint the creature’s square. This is a mind-affecting divination effect. The Anaphexia thought-killer can use this ability for up to 1 minute per level. These minutes need not be consecutive but must be used in 1-minute intervals.

This replaces the vigilante talent gained at 7th level.

False Reading (Su): At 15th level, an Anaphexia thought-killer is immune to all effects attempting to read her mind in both her social and vigilante identities. The Anaphexia thought-killer can attempt a Bluff check to provide false results to the creature attempting to read her thoughts, which the target can see through with a successful opposed Sense Motive check.

This replaces the vigilante talent gained at 15th level.