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Terra-Cotta Monk

Source Dungeoneer's Handbook pg. 22
Possessing a natural affinity for all things earthen, terracotta monks are experts at turning the stone around them against their enemies.

Class Skills: A terra-cotta monk adds Knowledge (dungeoneering), Knowledge (engineering), and Disable Device to his list of class skills and removes Knowledge (history), Perform, and Ride.

Trap Intuition (Ex): At 2nd level, whenever a terra-cotta monk comes within 10 feet of a trap, he receives an immediate Perception check to notice the trap. The GM should make this check in secret. A terra-cotta monk gains a +2 bonus on Perception checks to notice traps. This bonus increases to +4 if the trap is located in a stone wall or floor. This ability replaces evasion.

Stone Grip (Su): At 5th level, a terra-cotta monk adds a bonus equal to his class level on all Climb checks. He can move at his full movement rate while climbing with no increase to the check’s DC. By spending 1 point from his ki pool as a swift action, a monk gains the benefits of spider climb for 1 round. This ability replaces high jump.

Trap Dodge (Ex): At 10th level, a terra-cotta monk gains a bonus equal to his Wisdom modifier on all saving throws made against effects produced by mechanical traps. This ability replaces improved evasion.

Sudden Adit (Su): At 12th level, a terra-cotta monk can create passages through stone or dirt as if using the spell passwall with a caster level equal to his monk level. Using this ability is a move action that consumes 2 points of the monk’s ki pool. This ability replaces abundant step.

Petrifying Strike (Su): At 15th level, a terra-cotta monk can turn an opponent to stone with a single strike. He can use this ability once per day, and must announce the attempt before making his attack roll. If the terra-cotta monk’s strike is successful, the creature must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC = 10 + 1/2 the monk’s level + the monk’s Wis modifier) or be petrified for 1 hour per monk level. Incorporeal creatures and creatures immune to petrification are unaffected by this ability. This ability replaces quivering palm.

Rainmaker (Su): At 19th level, anytime a terra-cotta monk is underground, he may cause a section of the roof to come down on his enemies per the spell earthquake, with a caster level equal to his monk level. The terra-cotta monk may use this ability only while in a cave, cavern, or tunnel. Using this ability is a standard action that consumes 3 points from his ki pool. This ability replaces empty body.