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Sin Monk

Source Antihero's Handbook pg. 14
Some vices prove too tempting even to those who have trained their minds and bodies against such corruptions, and the seven sins of ancient Thassilon stand among the most alluring. Martial experts who have allowed such passions to lead them astray may find themselves gaining powers drawn from their newly embraced sins.

This is an ex-class archetype and can be taken by a character immediately upon becoming an ex-monk.


The following archetype can be taken by an ex-monk immediately upon becoming an ex-monk, regardless of character level, replacing some or all of the lost class abilities. If another archetype the character had before she became an ex-monk replaces the same ability as the ex-class archetype, she loses the old archetype in favor of the new one; otherwise, she can retain both archetypes as normal. Sin monks can gain further levels in the monk class, even though becoming an ex-monk normally prohibits further advancement in the class. While an ex-member of a class can recant her failings and atone for her fall from her original class (typically involving an atonement spell), her acceptance of her ex-class archetype means she must atone both for her initial fall and for further straying from the path. As a result, such a character must be the target of two atonement spells or a similar effect to regain her lost class features. Upon doing so, she immediately loses this archetype and regains her original class (and archetype, if she had one).

Well of Sin (Su): At 4th level, a sin monk gains a pool of sin points, representing energy he has gained from indulging in forbidden vices. The sin monk has a number of sin points equal to half his class level + his Wisdom modifier; these points cannot be used on abilities that require spending ki points. As a swift action, he can spend 1 point from his sin pool to activate one of the following abilities until the start of his next turn.

Envy: The sin monk gains a +4 bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks. This bonus increases to +6 at 10th level and +8 at 16th level.

Gluttony: Each time the sin monk deals lethal damage with a melee attack, he regains a number of hit points equal to the amount of damage dealt (maximum 2). He can’t exceed his maximum number of hit points. The maximum number of hit points he regains increases to 4 at 10th level and 6 at 16th level.

Greed: The sin monk’s attacks count as being either cold iron or silver (sin monk’s choice) for the purpose of overcoming DR. At 10th level, he adds adamantine to the list of materials he can choose to have his attacks count as being for the purpose of overcoming DR. At 16th level, the sin monk’s attacks also ignore hardness.

Lust: The sin monk gains a +4 bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks. This bonus increases to +6 at 10th level and +8 at 16th level.

Pride: The sin monk gains one illusory double of himself, which functions as mirror image. This double automatically disappears at the beginning of the sin monk’s next turn unless destroyed first. At 10th level, the sin monk gains two such replicas of himself, and at 16th level, he gains three.

Sloth: The sin monk gains the benefits of Vital Strike. At 10th level, he also gains the benefits of Improved Vital Strike, and at 16th level, he also gains the benefits of Greater Vital Strike.

Wrath: The sin monk increases the save DCs of his attacks with Stunning Fist (and Punishing Kick, if he has that feat) by 1. The save DC instead increases by 2 at 10th level and by 3 at 16th level.

When a sin monk gains a level in the monk class and would gain one of the following class features, he can forfeit that class feature to instead increase the size of his sin pool by 1 sin point: purity of body, diamond body, diamond soul, timeless body, tongue of the sun and moon. Once the decision is made, it cannot be changed.

This replaces ki pool and alters high jump.

Sinful Strike (Su): At 7th level, a sin monk can spend 2 sin points as a swift action to focus his power. The next time he deals damage before the end of his next turn, he deals an additional amount damage equal to his monk level.

This replaces wholeness of body.

Burden with Sin (Su): At 12th level, a sin monk can spend a swift action and one daily use of Stunning Fist to draw his sinful nature to the fore of his consciousness. The next person he hits with a melee attack before the end of his next turn must succeed at a Will save (DC = 10 + half the sin monk’s class level + his Wisdom modifier) or suffer the burden of the sin monk’s sins. The target is treated as if she were carrying a load one step heavier (from a light load to a medium load, and so on) and must succeed at a caster level check to use any form of teleportation (DC = 10 + the monk’s class level). This is a curseUM effect that lasts a number of rounds equal to the sin monk’s Wisdom modifier unless it is removed through remove curse or a similar effect.

This replaces abundant step.

Simultaneous Sins (Su): At 19th level, a sin monk can spend 3 points from his sin pool as a swift action to gain the benefits of two different sins simultaneously.

This replaces empty body.

Spawn of Sin (Ex): At 20th level, the sin monk becomes the physical manifestation of his sins. He is forevermore treated as an aberration rather than a humanoid (or whatever the monk’s creature type was) for the purpose of spells and magical effects, and his mind is so consumed by sin that he gains immunity to mind-affecting effects. He does not change in appearance or gain other abilities; however, should the sin monk be slain and brought back from the dead, he returns to life as a sinspawn (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 246), retaining his class levels but otherwise replacing his creature type and racial abilities with those of his new form and becoming an NPC under the GM’s control.

This replaces perfect self.