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Animal Exemplar

Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 210
An animal exemplar is a paragon of its species, able to command the loyalty of others of its kind.

Special Requirement: An animal exemplar familiar cannot be an improved familiar, plant, vermin, or other nonanimal themed familiar.

Animal Exemplar Skills: An animal exemplar treats Handle Animal as a class skill.

Influence Animals (Ex, Sp): An animal exemplar gains speak with animals with respect to others of its kind at 3rd level instead of 7th level. At 7th level, it gains the ability to influence animals of its kind, as per the wild empathy ability of a druid of its master’s level with a +4 racial bonus on the check, but only for animals of its kind. At 11th level, it can cast charm animal three times per day as a spell-like ability against animals of its kind, and at 13th level, it can cast dominate animal once per day as a spell-like ability against animals of its kind.

This alters speak with animals of its kind and replaces deliver touch spells, spell resistance, and scry on familiar.