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Source Ultimate Wilderness pg. 210
An ambassador speaks on its master’s behalf and sometimes on behalf of its master’s patron or other extraplanar contacts.

Special Requirement: An ambassador familiar must be able to speak at least one language, either as a special familiar ability (as in the case of a raven or thrush) or by being an improved familiar. A familiar that can’t speak (or can speak only to its master or other animals) can’t be an ambassador.

Ambassador Skills: An ambassador treats Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate as class skills.

Persuasive (Ex): An ambassador gains Persuasive as a bonus feat.

This replaces alertness.

Enhanced Personality (Ex): An ambassador gains a Charisma score equal to the typical Intelligence score of a familiar of its level, if that would be higher than its normal Charisma score. The familiar’s Intelligence score remains 6 (or its normal starting Intelligence for an improved familiar) and doesn’t increase by level.

This replaces the familiar’s Intelligence score advancement.