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Arcanist Class Details | Exploits | Archetypes

White Mage

Source Advanced Class Guide pg. 79
A white mage is an arcanist touched by a divine power and gifted with the ability to heal others.

Spontaneous Healing (Su): At 1st level, a white mage can expend 1 point from her arcane reservoir to use one of her spell slots to cast a cure spell (any spell with “cure” in its name) from the cleric spell list as if it were on her spell list and prepared. The spell must be of a level the arcanist can cast. At 10th level, the white mage can expend 5 points from her arcane reservoir and a spell slot of at least 5th level to cast breath of life. This ability replaces the arcanist exploits gained at 1st and 9th levels.

Greater Exploit: At 11th level, a white mage can select the following greater exploit.

Fast Healing (Su): A white mage can spend 1 point from her arcane reservoir and expend a spell slot of at least 2nd level to grant her allies the fast healing ability. Allies within 30 feet gain fast healing (Bestiary 300) equal to 1/2 the level of the spell slot sacrificed. This effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to the arcanist’s Charisma modifier (minimum 1).