6/2/24 1:45 PM PST

Hi everyone! We were all hand on deck for the amazing 2E Remaster last year, but we have not forgotten about the 1E fans. The new FAQ section is live but still needs some attention before it is has the Nethys stamp(s) of approval. In the mean time, please enjoy these updates.

Site Updates

  • All official errata and FAQ-based corrections have been added.
  • 1 year of corrections from your feedback along with several simple site-wide typos.
  • The FAQ page still has many improvements coming, including: improved sort, better grouping, hook-ins to specific pages to point back to a FAQ entry, and many more.

FAQ - Known Issues

  • Sorting is not perfect a-z yet
  • Some wondrous items are not properly importing the names in the header
  • A few of the racial FAQ entries have blank headings

2/7/23 10:28 PM PST

Hi everyone! I know it's been a while since I've checked in on this side of the Archives and I wanted to provide some updates. We don't have too much new for you with this post - we refreshed our database with a few bug fixes the team has checked in, but there's nothing too major to report. The big news I did have was to announce that we've brought on a new team member named Tim! Tim is a Canadian engineer and avid gamer who loves RPGs and spreadsheets. He has been playing TTRPGs for 25 years, and caught the Pathfinder volunteering bug when helping Owlcat Games with their Kingmaker booth at PAX. To support the recent influx of new Pathfinders and Starfinders, he will be helping us with some much needed updates to the Pathfinder 1e side of the Archives. To start with, he's going to focus on missing errata updates and a new FAQ section. We hope to have more news and updates for you soon! Thank you for your support!

12/27/20 11:01 PM PST

Hi everyone! We've had a lot of feedback with the new updates and understand the new search engine, while improved in many places, is lacking in a few features the old engine used to have. Milan has been hard at work with the updates of our new search and has added in a couple of those requested features to help - users will now be able to sort one result per line again, and we've added a few more detailed categories to show exactly where a result comes from.

We are still making improvements, however, and the new engine doesn't handle multi-word terms yet as well as the old. To ensure that no one is disappointed, we've added back access to the old search engine here. You can also find a link to it at the top of the new search page. Though the new search will still remain the default, we hope access to the old one will allow you to do anything that you can't yet on the new.

All of your feedback in testing the new engine has been valuable, so we encourage you to continue testing it and letting us know your results in our Discord feedback channels. This will help us get things up to speed sooner rather than later.

Thank you for your support, and happy holidays!

12/24/20 10:57 AM PST

Happy holidays everyone! We come to you late this December month with a few new sections to the site and other improvements. The full list of changes is below, along with a number of unlisted bug fixes and minor changes that the Archives team has been hard at work in correcting, so huge thanks to them for their efforts! We're still making improvements as time allows, so more updates will be coming in the future!

We hope you enjoy the new update and have a happy new year!

Announcement Threads

Site Updates

  • The search engine has been updated using design and code from the 2E site. Results will now sort by order of relevance, exact matches will be called out up top, and we've made some overall improvements to the speed of the engine. Please be aware there is one known bug we're still working on correcting (due to changes in the architecture between our 1e and 2e databases). As a result, you will sometimes see the same result duplicated in a given search category (Races is a common one). We'll have this fixed soon, but if you spot other bugs please let us know (with as much detail as possible) on our Discord aon-feedback channels!
  • New GM Screen section added to the Rules, containing a number of useful rules all in one place (thanks to Devin for all the data entry and setup assistance!). If you have suggestions for other sections that would be handy, please let us know!
  • All page headers adjusted to show specific details first, general last.
  • Metatags added to every page to improve search engine recognition and show more details when a page is linked on certain services (such as Discord).

7/21/20 10:03 PM PST

Hi everyone! While there are no longer new books for the 1st Edition, we're still spending time fixing bugs and improving areas of the site in between updates of SF and 2E. With this update comes a lot of miscellaneous bug fixes not explicitly called out here, along with some page redesigns and new additions. Thanks to the Archives team for their hard work in maintaining this edition!

We're also still making changes to the search engine, along with some other areas that need improvement, and more updates will be coming in the future. Additionally, perhaps... some art? :)

Until then, the big changes this time around are below. Enjoy!

Announcement Threads

Site Changes

  • Style Feat page redesigned
  • Combat Stamina page added to Feats area to show all uses of Combat Stamina in one place
  • Monster statblocks now show above family info, similar to 2E site design
  • Arcanist Exploits and Animal Companion pages adjusted to replace button logic - Exploits all on one page now, Companions broken out across different pages per "type" of companion
  • Spell definitions page added to show details for all Schools, Subschools, and Descriptors (all spells will link to their respective mechanics)
  • Apocryphal Sub-Domains more clearly called out on Deities and Domains pages
  • Dozens of various other bugs and errors corrected