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Heavenly Aegis Ring

Source Horror Adventures pg. 216
Aura moderate evocation [good] CL 10th
Slot ring; Price 16,000 gp; Weight


The surface of this silver ring never tarnishes, but when an evil creature is wearing it, its luster diminishes. Whenever the wearer takes the total defense action, he can activate the ring, creating a magic circle against evil effect centered on him. This effect lasts 10 rounds per day, though the rounds don’t need to be spent consecutively. Once activated, the effect expends rounds until the user ends it as a move action or the rounds run out.

s a standard action while the magic circle is active, the wearer can release the protective circle’s energy as a violent blast. This functions as holy smite centered on the wearer, but the wearer can exclude a 10-foot-radius area from the center of the affected area. Releasing the energy expends all the ring’s remaining rounds and can be done only if at least 5 rounds remain.

The ring’s power renews each day at dawn.


Requirements Forge Ring, holy smite, magic circle against evil; Cost 8,000 gp