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Gaspodar's signet

Source Lost Treasures pg. 32
Price 5,900 gp; Weight 1/2 lb.
Category Black Market


Gaspodar’s signet ring still encircles the severed finger of this long-dead king of Cheliax. Clipped from his hand almost a century ago by an unknown assassin, both ring and finger are preserved in a small glass jar of honey that’s sealed with solder. The ring itself has a thick gold band, etched into the inside of which is an Azlanti phrase that reads, “Hail Aroden, Bringer of the Age of Glory.” The ring’s large bezel is engraved with the seal of Cheliax.

The craftsmanship of the signet is so intricate that it’s extremely difficult to create a duplicate capable of convincing those familiar with the original. A creature who has closely observed Gaspodar’s signet receives a +4 circumstance bonus on any Appraise skill check to detect a forgery of the relic.