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Spirit Touched

Source Return of the Runelords Players Guide pg. 11
Category Campaign
As a child, you were influenced by overwhelming emotional trauma associated with death or undeath, and that influence marked you for the rest of your life. You may have been possessed by a ghost, had strange dreams in a haunted house, or suffered from an affliction from an undead source. You might even have had a near-death experience, or actually died and been returned to life. Work with your GM to determine the details of how you became spirit touched; she may have suggestions for you to tie your experience more tightly into the themes of the Return of the Runelords Adventure Path.

You gain a +2 trait bonus on all saving throws made against supernatural attacks, spells, or spell-like abilities from undead creatures.

Once per adventure, you may automatically succeed at a Constitution check to stabilize or a saving throw to remove a negative level.