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Source Giantslayer Player's Guide pg. 6, Giant Hunter's Handbook pg. 31
Category Campaign
Requirement(s) Giantslayer
Your family has always been dogged by rumors that a bit of giant blood got into the family’s veins at some point. Whether this was through alchemical or magical experimentation, or because your great-great-grandfather married a giant, it has made you big for your race, and may have given you other minor cosmetic features of giants, such as flaming red hair, a bluish tinge to your skin, or oversized hands. When you wield a weapon that is larger than your size, the penalty on attack rolls for using inappropriately sized weapons is reduced by half. In addition, you gain a +2 trait bonus to your CMD against awesome blow combat maneuvers. If you’re a dwarf, your stability racial trait applies to awesome blow combat maneuvers as well.