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Close Allies

Source Return of the Runelords Players Guide pg. 11
Category Campaign
You and another PC are close allies—friends, lovers, siblings, or even twins. Work with the other player to build a shared history—both you and the other player must choose Close Allies as a campaign trait, and both must agree to the nature of the relationship between the two characters. (At the GM’s option, more than two PCs can be linked by this trait.) You and your close ally have always supported each other. You might have the tendency to complete each other’s sentences, dress similarly, share the same religion or faith, or have endured a dangerous event together in the past. If you and the other player agree (and have chosen either the siblings or twins option below), you might not even particularly like your close “ally,” yet you still respect them and can utilize this trait’s benefits all the same.

If your relationship with your close ally ends (as a result of death, a parting of ways, or other catastrophe), you immediately lose this campaign trait and replace it with Spirit Touched as a result of your emotional distress.

When you and the other PC agree to take this shared trait, you must also agree on the nature of your characters’ bond by choosing one of the following: friends, lovers, siblings, or twins. If you choose twins, both PCs must be of the same race. If you choose siblings, one or both of you are adopted if you aren’t of the same race.

Whenever you are adjacent to your close ally, you gain a +1 trait bonus on all saving throws.

Once per adventure as an immediate action, you may grant your close ally a bonus equal to the result of 1d6 to a single d20 roll. You must have line of sight to your ally to use this ability. You may choose to grant this bonus after your ally has rolled, but must do so before the result of the roll is known.